In the “FORTUNA SUBAS PRIVADAS” / FORTUNA PRIVATE AUCTIONS salerooms: The bid increments ascend in rapid succession ...
The eyes of the auctioneer scan the entire room. The atmosphere is electrifying and at the last minute, the hammer falls ... SOLD!

“FORTUNA SUBASTAS PRIVADAS” / FORTUNA PRIVATE AUCTIONS offers you the possibility of buying, knowing every detail of the piece of art, furniture or real estate that interests you, accessing our virtual sales room and / or attending the private auctions that are organized annually.
During our trajectory we have perfected the art of private auctions, while continually updating and innovating ourselves in the process.
In private auctions, our team of registered professionals will be happy to help guiding you through simple steps to reach a profitable conclusion: the acquisition of a desired object or a successful sale, making you live a unique experience in our “auction room”.


  1. Virtual Gallery: here you will find the corresponding catalogs with the different lots prior to the auction, with their respective dates of realization, it is free and open to the public. You will also find artworks of local Authors and lots of unique Properties that are not in the auction list.
  2. After the auction: the results, the payment, the transportation:
  3. Decide how to bid:
    • In person: Before entering the room, you will be given a palette associated with their registration number. When the property of your interest goes on sale, you will simply raise your palette to indicate your offer. The auctioneer will accept the increases of the offers one by one, you will continue to raise your palette while you continue bidding, accepting the amount that the auctioneer is saying or denying if you no longer continue bidding. One minute after the last offer and the bidding for those present has not continued, the auctioneer will recognize the last bidder as the successful buyer and will low the hammer. Sold!
    • Written offer: request the "Offer Form", where you will choose the lot of your interest, identifying the property, with the corresponding code. Then your maximum bid amount is specified, you fill out all other requirements and send the form scanned to the Sales Department at least 24 hours before the auction. A member of the “FORTUNA SUBASTAS PRIVADAS” / FORTUNA PRIVATE AUCTIONS staff will assure you the lowest possible price.
  4. After the auction: the results, the payment, the transportation:
    • Auction Results: To find out the status of your offer in writing, contact the Sales Department by email or phone, indicating the identification of your customer number.
    • Payment: The successful bidder will receive an invoice, payment instructions, and shipping information by mail. The amount is the hammer price plus the buyer's commission including any type of premium or sales tax. Payment must be made no later than 72 hours after the auction and accrediting it to our Sales Department, if not, the previous bidder will be contacted, giving him the possibility of acquiring the property or the auction will be void.
    • Shipping: “FORTUNA SUBASTAS PRIVADAS” / FORTUNA PRIVATE AUCTIONS can help with packaging and shipping of purchased items, but buyers can turn to their own carriers. Objects that stay longer than stipulated in the conditions of sale, will be subject to a charge for storage, handling, taxes and insurance.


“FORTUNA SUBASTAS PRIVADAS” / FORTUNA PRIVATE AUCTIONS offers you the possibility of selling at the best price or to the highest bidder.
We have an extensive database of potential buyers worldwide; and a team of notable Marketing and Public Relations professionals.
We offer you the possibility of speaking with a specialist and contacting us to incorporate your property into auctions that are open for receiving properties for sale or offering them in our virtual gallery.
“FORTUNA SUBASTAS PRIVADAS” / FORTUNA PRIVATE AUCTIONS provides you with complementary estimates for the pieces and you can request an estimate by mail. (Consider that the complementary estimates are provisional and subject to a personal review by a specialist from FORTUNA SUBAS PRIVADAS / FORTUNA PRIVATE AUCTIONS).

  1. Steps from consignment to sale: the “Letter of Agreement” is a contract between the seller (consignor) and “FORTUNA SUBASTAS PRIVADAS” / FORTUNA PRIVATE AUCTIONS, where the owner agrees that “FORTUNA SUBASTAS PRIVADAS” / FORTUNA PRIVATE AUCTIONS sells his property in one of its salerooms, identifying conditions of sale, value for services and responsibility, such as insurance in the event of theft, loss or damage.
    It is operated on a sliding scale of commission rates, based on the client's annual sales and varying the rate ranges based on location, and depending on whether the client is an art dealer or belongs to non-profit institutions.
  2. Notification of sale and payment: shortly after the auction, a notification is issued with the result of the properties sold. If it has not been sold, the possibility of republishing for a next sale in auction or virtual gallery will be informed.
    Payments are made within 35 days after each auction. Accompanied by a document specifying the amount obtained from the sale, the commission and charges for expenses that may exist.

At “FORTUNA SUBASTAS PRIVADAS” / FORTUNA PRIVATE AUCTIONS we have no doubt about the important role that auction sale plays in the art and collecting market. Auctions are presented as one more formula for product distribution, however the media impact and the high profitability that it achieves in some awards have given it a fundamental role in representing the sector. The most important art sales places have made this way of sale one of the biggest attractions for the sector.


  • Easy
  • Accessible
  • Widely disseminated

The auction market today represents the main axis of the art and collecting market. It is the most profitable way of selling, since it is a form of sale that combines two very interesting factors; On the one hand, the profitability of prices, since lots usually start at prices that are very adjusted to the market. And on the other, the great diffusion that is made through the catalog of each sale. At the same time, due to its characteristics and manner of celebration, it has become the perfect method of selling works of art, as it perfectly combines the elegance and elitism that characterizes this market with high returns and percentages of lots sold.

The economic value of cultural assets in the market is given by many factors. Some related to the characteristics of each of the pieces, others to the profile and the whim of the collectors within a specific market, and others to factors that the sales system itself, in this case auctions, causes in customers.


Martillerra Pública - Roxana Riviera Riera

"Lo que hacemos es resultado directo no sólo de qué y cómo pensamos,
sino también de qué y cómo sentimos"

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