Invest with “FORTUNA INVERSIONES” / FORTUNA INVESTMENT, we have projects of different sizes as we specialize in creating and preserving value.
Every smart investment is a value investment, where valuing the business to be able to value fundamental actions..

We offer you to diversify your investments with meticulously studied investment projects, with clear short, medium and long-term objectives, aimed at conservative, moderate and aggressive investors, who according to your risk profile and your profitability needs will make your investment viable, invertible and with excellent profitability:


At “FORTUNA INVERSIONES” / FORTUNA INVESTMENT we use Crowdfunding, a business model platform that we use for real estate, tourism, hotel and gastronomic projects. The growth of crowdfunding is for everyone, for small, medium and large savers, you will feel the power of the group. It is a great opportunity for investors since the projects are novel and have realistic objectives. As a user you will be able to choose the projects in which you want to participate, with amounts that are appropriate to the capital you want to invest. You can also access the platform from anywhere and in a very simple way.


  • ABC1 quality products: First class products with projects with high profitability and potential. Products are projected according to a realistic, objective market and are built with the highest quality standards.
  • Professionals staff and first level collaborators: Our committed interdisciplinary team works together to achieve the objectives proposed for each development
  • Thoroughly selected markets: All the real estate assets in our projects are selected for their implementation in first-rate and high-growth areas.
  • Profitability: Investments in the real estate market offer an excellent capital gain. They are profitable, safe and today they offer you the possibility of doing it in a very simple and accessible way.
  • Risk Control: Accounting and legal resources for your security and for your investments.
  • Time & timing: We buy and sell at the right times to always achieve the highest profitability.


  • Investments for small, medium and large investors or savers.
  • We replicate crowdfunding to the "real estate" market, to the hotel tourism and gastronomic tourism, we evaluate hundreds of possibilities and we only choose the best ones.
  • By partnering with specialists you will see the significant difference between investing in "real estate" and buying real estate.
  • HOLDING FORTUNA is a company that produces and sustains in the long term the maximum profitability in own investments.
  • At “FORTUNA INVERSIONES” / FORTUNA INVESTMENT at a strategic level we think globally, at a tactical level we choose the most profitable assets, at an operational level we act effectively.
  • Representation of savers and investors. Escrow, A.S., LLC.


The advantage of operating together, with shared visions and values ​​through a select, discreet, stable group that always maintains individual decision-making.

  1. Personalized advice: Complete, meticulous, transparent, always under maximum confidentiality agreements that are tailored to the needs of our investors.
  2. Real Estate Management: Our experience as administrators, developers, investors and brokers allows us to manage efficiently.
  3. Financial Management: We think as investors because we are investors and we manage each asset financially with the aim of maximizing profits.
  4. Pesos to Dollars: The saver can invest pesos in an asset valued in dollars and thus cope with inflation.
  5. Goodwill: Perceive the potential income and / or estimated valuation of real estate assets with the security that they entail.
  6. Risk analysis: Thorough risk management on each investment project and on each investor. The “FORTUNA INVERSIONES” / FORTUNA INVESTMENT team constantly works on each of the real estate, tourism, hotel and gastronomic projects to minimize risks and maximize possible profits.
  7. Sustained profitability: We work for our investors to avoid contingencies, sustain yields consistently over time, offering security and ease of operation. Depending on the type of development we speak of between 6% and 9% of annual profitability.
  8. Diversification: You can choose several of our investment projects simultaneously and in the different areas that are of interest to you: real estate, tourism, hotels and gastronomy.
  9. Investor group: At “Fortuna Inversiones” / Fortuna Investment we form a group of investors, with shared vision and values. We are, we think and we act as investors.
  10. Strategies: Our partners, brokers and strategic alliances make us strong in the development, presence and commercialization of our products.
  11. Connectivity: From the hand of connectivity the project grows, Valle de Calamuchita is a department of the province of Córdoba that is strategically located due to its connectivity to large cities, airports, neighboring towns, etc. “Calamuchita connects”. We work for our investors to overcome unforeseen events, sustain yields constantly over time, offering safety and ease of operation.
  12. Research: Our search and research area constantly analyzes markets and assets, in order to take advantage of opportunities.
  13. Resources: Differentiating elements: We constitute a multidisciplinary team of professionals, committed and passionate about their work. Our attention is always personalized. We are leaders in the development, creation, administration and commercialization in Valle de Calamuchita.
  14. Investment in cryptocurrencies: Your investment in cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, YTC and others, dollarize it in our investment projects and developments. Research: Our search and research area constantly analyzes markets and assets, in order to take advantage of opportunities.
  15. Financial operations.

Each project is unique, like you, we perfect ourselves and
we train permanently ... we grow!


In recent times there has been a huge interest in investing in cryptocurrencies. Being a scarce asset, the market gives it value, it is the same principle that applies to gold and precious metals.

  1. It is scarce
  2. It is immune to inflation.
  3. Act as an active refuge.
  4. It is a value deposit.

When a market has attractive characteristics or revaluation potential, all investors are launched en masse. This is what happened with cryptocurrencies and will happen again in the future with other instruments. As it is said in the world of traiding: "After a boom there is a crash and after a crash there is a boom". Blockchain technology underpins all cryptocurrency transactions. The market is the only one that dictates the rules.

Dollarize your investment in cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, YTC and others in our investment projects.


This Department also provides the following services:

  • Financial operations
  • Purchase of Gold and Precious Metals
  • Verification of tickets by specialized personnel


At the international level, we have commercial links and alliances to streamline procedures for foreign investors, bearing in mind that the investor can be contacted in English, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish with HOLDING FORTUNA.

We are your best option when it comes to investing in your future, we make your money work for you!