Fortuna Management

In FORTUNA MANAGEMENT we are dedicated to the development, execution and administration of investment projects in the tourism and real estate sector in the Calamuchita Valley. We advise strategic and financial investors who want to invest in our company's projects or in association with third parties.

We have a team of professionals with experience and professional training offering you valuable proposals with a strong culture of commitment and excellence. All this constitutes the main characteristic of our services.

The professionals that integrate FORTUNA MANAGEMENT have access to an exceptional work environment that allows us to develop our talent to create smart solutions tailored to your needs.

In FORTUNA MANAGEMENT we also provide professional service to independent and institutional owners. With international background as well as local experience necessary to compete successfully in the Argentine hotel industry.Therefore, we have professionals from different areas: ​tourism, marketing, CEO, SEO, commercial sector and administration.

We have vast experience in the exploitation of the tourism industry and real estate projects in the Calamuchita Valley.

We are dedicated to advising tourist complexes (hotels, bungalow complexes, inns and apartments) that are beginning their commercial activity or that need to improve or optimize their operation by tailoring and implementing strategic plans. We provide the owner / hotel investor with permanent information about the progress of their business, analysis of the results and comparison with industry indicators.

Our fees are linked to the performance, thus ensuring the owner / hotel investor a long-term commitment, within the framework of a relationship of mutual benefit.

We guarantee confidentiality in the assigned projects.


Tourism gains space as an engine of the economy, driven by receptive and internal tourism.

The sector has undoubtedly consolidated itself as an important source of foreign currency.

There is then an excellent opportunity to invest in hotels: Calamuchita Valley is increasingly chosen as a destination by many tourists.

The Tourism Law, enacted in 2004 and the Strategic Plan for Sustainable Tourism, place the activity at the center of the Argentine economy..

The hotel business is a countercyclical business and therefore of ow risk. It is one of the last to be affected by economic crises and also one of the first to recover.

The hotel industry in Calamuchita Valley has excellent opportunities to maximize profitability and offer a service of excellence to the guest through professional management with first class service standards.

Tourism will continue to rise because it is aspirational, and that growth will occur exponentially in the different categories.

And without a doubt, the Calamuchita Valley is one of the most important destinations in the province of Córdoba, chosen for its mountain nature, its tranquility, its history and its traditional festivals that attract thousands of tourists of all ages, promoting alternatives for every wish. The best destination for your investments.