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FORTUNA CONSTRUCTORA” / FORTUNA CONSTRUCTION, is the best ally in the construction of projects, investments, developments, homes and constructions in general for people, clients and investors who are looking for a completely comprehensive solution to realize their dream or investment business.
We can proudly say that we form the best team of professionals in the field: Surveyors, Engineers, Architects, Designers, Interior Designers, Builders, Landscapers and other specialists are at the service and dedication of your project.
We dedicated ourselves for you to enjoy each of the processes until the fulfillment of the stated goal. Our company specializes in turnkey contract system.
The quality is not an accident, it is the result of the best intentions of a committed group added to an intelligent direction and a qualified execution of the professionals of our staff.
At “FORTUNA CONSTRUCTORA” / FORTUNA CONSTRUCTION we project dreams and build realities!


Our main characteristic is the meticulous and personalized attention in each of our projects to achieve excellent results that satisfies the needs of our clients.

  1. Location and conditions of the land
  2. Procedures referred to Municipalities, Communes, service providers, insurers, etc.
  3. urveyor Engineers and Civil Engineers for the study and monitoring of each development
  4. Architects and plans that suit to your needs and wishes
  5. Workforcer: the best, carried out by experts and adapted to your budget
  6. Design must be functional and according to your preferences
  7. Construction must express style and personality. Our professionals will help you choose between the different styles: classic, colonial, rustic, modern and even minimalist.
  8. Place to live and enjoy the construction built with quality. The space must inspire us. How pleasant it is to be in a hospitable environment. This factor deserves great attention since our life at home, the house, the project will be strongly determined by this important detail
  9. The house or the development must provide security and adaptation to the environment
  10. We use top quality, innovative, natural, imported and regional materials
  11. Once the work is completed we will work on creating cozy interiors with adequate furniture and decoration, it is one of the most important factors and they are the final touch. We have innovative and creative suggestions such as surface resins, furniture, textiles and others
  12. Landscaping: Extension to the outside:the bakyard and garden are essential in your project.

Accompanying you in each decision and each step of the construction, advising and suggesting different alternatives depending on the demands and needs. Dedicated to the development of architectural projects and works that are characterized by their excellent quality, ultimate details: guaranteed work.


  1. Is it a good time to build my house, development project or investment?
    When is a good time to decide to have a daughter? Whoever decides to build is moved by deeper forces than just the important economic variables. Is someone who pursues a dream for himself or his family. It will always be a good time for you to build.
  2. How can I save money by building a house, project, development or investment?
    There are two key issues to save a lot of money in construction, which coincide with the 2 items where more money goes to the global budget.

The first one is the purchase of the land. A correct decision, thoughtful and advised by the best will allow you to save a lot of money, #FortunaInmobiliaria / #FortunaRealEstate is your best option

2- The second one has to do with the cost of the construction itself. Here it has to do with two main strategies, the first one is to make good design decisions and the second is to define exactly the SquareMeters of the building, in a conscious and #precise manner.

3 How can I optimize time so that the construction runs well and quickly, perfecting time to the maximum?

You must give yourself the necessary time for each stage of the project. The hurry usually plays tricks on us in general, bad decisions and mistakes are usually very high economic losses. With our team we will take care of giving you the guarantees to finish in the projected and committed times and according to what is established.

The most important thing is to hire the best #professionals in the field: at “FORTUNA CONSTRUCTORA” / FORTUNA CONSTRUCTION, we will give you the security of being able to dialogue and work with all the technicians and professionals involved in each stage of the process.

In these times of consumption, where everything is bought and we move away from things made by oneself, we bet on building!



Proyecta tu Sueño...
Nosotros construimos tu realidad !

We build high quality constructions, incorporating new products, technologies and energy efficiency, offering different proposals.

  • Residential Construction
  • Commercial Construction
  • Institutional Construction

Each of them with variants to choose traditional construction, dry construction, quebracho wood construction. Always incorporating technology with innovative and avant-garde materials

For us each project is unique like you!
"We want to assist you throughout your life"