At “FORTUNA MARKETING & COMUNICACIÓN / FORTUNA MARKETING & COMMUNICATION we like to think ... Where there are ideas, there is movement, ideas transform businesses, make us question ourselves, challenge us, excite us, make us move forward and grow. The “FORTUNA MARKETING & COMUNICACIÓN / FORTUNA MARKETING & COMMUNICATION team is what your company needs, we offer you comprehensive Marketing and Communication solutions to advance your business and company.
We care about understanding your business model, we satisfy and identify your needs and requirements in an interactive and creative way, achieving the best content for your company or business to stand out in the digital ecosystem that grows day by day. Your clients are in the 2 billion active users of social networks.

There is a team, we are leaders in marketing and communication strategies, our team of professional specialists passionate about digital: programmers, designers, strategists, content editors, community managers, Masters in communication and digital marketing who, through clear strategies, put into launch or re-launch your brand.

More connection, better results!


  • Branding: Your brand, solid identity. Create or enhance impact.
  • Content: Conquer your audience: There must be an emotional connection to your audience.
  • SEO: We optimize the SEO of your site so that you scale in the search results and thus achieve visibility.
  • Ads. Online: Growth engines: Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, Linkedlin.
  • WhatsApp and Messenger: real-time conversations.
  • Insights: “click”: Listen and learn from your clients.
  • Sales tools and marketing strategies of great impact.
  • Marketing plan.
  • Market research and segmentation, training.
  • Customer loyalty and clients rescue, contact management, databases.
  • Marketing mix, direct marketing, digital marketing.
  • Digital campaigns.
  • Professional photos and videos.
  • Product testing.
  • CEO: Report on the objectives, management and achievements of the business or company. Decisions on business strategy. Leader in motivation and advice of the employees in charge.


  • Website: There are thousands of platforms to create your website, but none will understand and transform your business.
  • Mobile applications, Apps: always according to your needs.
  • Management software for service companies: services, price lists, invoicing, customers, productivity, maturities, dashboards, budgets, work orders, collections, suppliers, alerts, reports.
  • Big Data: provides a benchmark for achieving value in the following ways: lower costs, faster, better decision-making, new products and services. Effective use of Big Data in: tourism, health care, administration, retail, manufacturing companies, advertising and in countless other uses.

Our goal is to streamline your company's experience with people.

  1. We develop professional Websites, keeping in mind the most effective way to show your company, your products and services, generate higher sales and streamline your business processes.
  2. Apps: our production process is aimed at enhancing the activity of our clients. First, the objectives sought for the App are established and the functionalities that the App will have are initially established. Then we design mockups (basic freehand designs) for each of the views. At this time, the data that the App will need to operate is defined. Secondly the design, the UI is made up of different elements: style of buttons, lists, menus, icons, forms, image containers, selectors, so that the App has a visual coherence in the same application and with the client's graphic elements. Thirdly, experience is essential as the design is carried out (UI). The user experience concept tests (UX) are carried out in order to determine that the information is easily accessible, that the usability is simple, that there are known options, testing that it is seen correctly on the different sizes of phones, compatibility with different operating systems, how the App would work vertically or horizontally, etc. And finally the Backend - Programming, it is important that the Apps have a support to update information, check sales, update prices, etc. The useful life of an App when it is upgradeable via Backend is much longer than static ones that do not have updates.
  3. Management software: A: It allows the comprehensive administration of the company: It works from production to point of sale management, through logistics or promotion. B: It makes each link in the chain more efficient. C: It involves all workers: it helps to redefine their actions and orient them towards different objectives, thereby greatly increasing the productivity of the workforce. D: Specialized software for your company. E: It allows the analysis of information in real time. F: It improves internal communication: Because it manages the data related to various departments in a central platform to which all employees have access. G: Automation of actions. H: Possibility of anticipation: One of the main advantages.
  4. Big Data Analytics and Reporting, Big Data Quality, Big Data Integration, Big Data Sources. Objectives:
    1. Generate information on the measurement of the online ecosystem and the application of analysis techniques for understanding trends and their interpretation to promote the achievement of business objectives.
    2. Understand the user experience and its effective measurement for decision-making with a critical vision and based on statistically validated data, managing to overcome the subjectivity with which this discipline has been applied in different areas.
    3. Professionally analyze the relevant information for decision-making related to the construction of mobile and versatile ecosystems, both in multi-screen spaces and in mobile use only.
    4. Develop analytical capabilities for interpreting information needs that allow each profile to whom a report, dashboard or report must be shown the most relevant data with the greatest precision and time optimization possible.

For FORTUNA MARKETING & COMMUNICATION this is just beginning, we will surprise you, we seek to combat concentration and exclusion with inclusion and distribution.


Do not forget that in communication, ours or of our company, we share a little of ourselves to others.

We work with the following disaggregated structure:

  • Information Survey: analysis, understanding and identity of your business unit.
  • Attractive messages with a sale intention: so that your clients consider you in their moments of maximum intention. Focus, positioning and differentiation.
  • We position your message: generating relevance in the main digital media.
  • Budget: optimizing your Budget.
  • Results: we permanently monitor the results to reorient ourselves, make adjustments or intensify actions.

At FORTUNA MARKETING & COMMUNICATION we know that quality of service is achieved when expectations coincide with the service received and even better when the service exceeds expectations. The goal of marketing and communication is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service sells itself. We work to make your business or company so good that they cannot ignore it!

"Un universo de soluciones creativas:
Las empresas que entienden las redes sociales son las que dicen con su mensaje:
te veo, te escucho y me importas"