Fortuna Design & Equipment

We are passionate about interior design, design, equipment in all its forms and manifestations with our own free vision. The “FORTUNA DISEÑO & EQUIPAMIENTO” / FORTUNA DESIGN & EQUIPMENT department works with the concept that each client has their own ideas, that each project is unique. We adapt our ideas, professionalism and experience to the needs of our clients through an initial briefing to understand exactly what you are looking for, from there we will work suitably for the project.

The need of man to make his home or his project a more comfortable place and adapted to his tastes comes from the fact that the caves were decorated with paint, requiring attention and effort.

The “FORTUNA DISEÑO & EQUIPAMIENTO” / FORTUNA DESIGN & EQUIPMENT staff is made up of decorators and interior designers, the first ones will study light, how it enters and how it affects the space, the arrangement of furniture and other elements, as well as materials and fabrics. It will dress your project, we will reorganize your home. The interior designers of the staff work mainly on the modification and distribution of the space, thus changing the entire image, we will remove walls, we will modify the facilities, we will choose new materials, we will create a new space.
We are specialists in solving the design of the interior space and its equipment.


Our services are aimed at those individuals and companies that need us to design, develop and direct their spaces, their interior design and decoration projects. Our work is always "turnkey" delivering a ready-to-enjoy result.

We offer comprehensive interior design and decoration projects for:

  1. Residential - Housing: because your home is the sum of elements. Your refuge!
  2. Hotels and Inns
  3. Cabins
  4. Commercial Business
  5. Workspaces – Offices
  6. “Home staging”: Te ayudamos a vender o alquilar mejor tus propiedades, la primera impresión es lo que cuenta
  7. New image for your company: Corporate image, posters, brochures, catalogs, etc.
  8. Surface resin: MDF wood, Formica, Laminate, Tiles, Ceramic, Porcelain, Textile, Glass, Metal, Wood, Concrete and others. Epoxy resin has many qualities and uses, we use it assiduously in our FORTUNA DESIGN & EQUIPMENT department in decoration, repair or others.
  9. Live what you dream and think ... we make it happen!

    Why would you hire us?

    • Because the “FORTUNA DISEÑO & EQUIPAMIENTO” / FORTUNA DESIGN & EQUIPMENT staff is 100% trained, it will materialize your dreams and your ideas creating unique experiences in original spaces, it is not about shapes and colors, it is about transmitting. Our philosophy is to reach the deepest feelings of our clients to reach a unique experience with each project.
    • Because reforming your home, commercial premises, business, company, veterinary, doctor's offices, studios, your cabin complex, your hotel, your apartment or others needs an Interior Design Project to improve the distribution or a Design Project for lighting, the aesthetics and equipment making the most of it.
    • Because you want and need a different space, specially designed for you.
      Because for us, your spaces are as unique as you are!
    • Because we manage the entire Project from the first step to the last, taking care of 100%.
    • Because design and warmth are not at odds with money, creating luxury spaces at low cost.

    For “FORTUNA DISEÑO & EQUIPAMIENTO” / FORTUNA DESIGN & EQUIPMENT the simple joy of taking an idea, a dream in our own hands and giving it the shape desired by our clients is exciting and makes us love our profession more and more.

    "Tus espacios tan únicos como vos"