Fortuna Agro – Livestock

Making a strategic alliance between Argentina and Paraguay, we expanded the connectivity frontier of our investments by creating a new department in Holding Fortuna: FORTUNA AGRO – LIVESTOCK

At FORTUNA AGRO – LIVESTOCK we are a mechanism that basically consists in connecting investors with real opportunities for agricultural businesses.

By targeting inversores which are or aren’t activity related to the field, we offer a connection with the agricultural sector that goes beyond the profits they can generate, managing the purchase of livestock and logistics until they reach their destination, as well as selling at the best market price.

The years of experience of HOLDING FORTUNA, allowed us to develop a solid base of knowledge and resources to give sustenance to this true integrated business platform that we propose to investors with High Assured Profitability (H.A.P.) and well differentiated.

All this at a time when connectivity grows reaches incredible limits, where not only data and information are shared, but opportunities for synergy, growth, experiences and development. Good practices and without delays.

Investing in livestock is possible, hand in hand with this methodology, its investment being guarded by us, who are highly involved in the various projects, with our firm premise: "We want to serve you throughout life."

Livestock today symbolizes the honesty and reliability of Paraguay. As a differential advantage, Paraguay is having the best fields and the best livestock. Our professional teams, the knowledge and experience in this type of production, will assure you the best decision making about what to do, how to do it, when to do it and to maximize the return of all participants. We raise capital to apply it for the purchase of cattle. We are a nexus between landowners and investors.

FORTUNA AGRO – LIVESTOCK allows you to be a true livestock entrepreneur needing knowledge of the business or your own fields.

We form a solid work team that involves different first level professionals in all areas required for the development of a negocio confiable y transparentereliable and transparent business, with a long track record in the sector and interesting lines of credit, which ensures you a long-term profitability.

Within our fields, constant investments are made in improving and expansion of pastures, in addition to direct work with livestock consisting of sanitation, rearing and fattening.

FORTUNA AGRO – LIVESTOCK at the service of the best profitability.

"Permite que nuestra preocupación prematura
se convierta en pensamiento y planificación prematuros"